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High precision vacuum brazing furnace welding 6061 airborne computer cabinet

At present, for a variety of military or civilian airborne computer environment has reached a high level in anti poor performance, the structural design plays an important role in the anti harsh environment, especially the full sealed airborne computer cabinet overall brazing manufacturing technology. In China the technology has a great breakthrough, especially the overall chassis vacuum brazing technology described in this paper to replace the old salt bath brazing, improve and ensure the machining accuracy of the chassis and mechanical properties, the technology has been applied in production. In order to guarantee the welding performance of the vacuum brazing of the whole machine case, the breakthrough research in three aspects is carried out, and the welding material, technological equipment and technological process are studied. Since LF21 is adopted by domestic airborne chassis rust proof aluminum aluminum manganese series, in order to improve the mechanical performance of airborne computer cabinet is better in the harsh environment, the current domestic research institutions successfully developed 6061 (belonging to the forged aluminum series) whole sealed vacuum brazing of airborne computer cabinet, its good solderability, strength high performance, light weight, the price is much better than that of aluminum alloy LF21. To this end, the new generation of high precision and high precision vacuum brazing equipment has been successfully developed, through the combination of materials, processes and equipment, so that the aircraft chassis technology has reached the world advanced level.